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Lawn Care Services & Treatments

Our lawn care services are based on 4 treatments per year, spring, summer, autumn and winter, the treatments can be started at any time of year and the maintenance programme with certain key treatments will ensure that your lawn looks at its best through every season.

4 Seasons Lawn Treatment Plan

T1 – Late Winter/Early Spring Lawn Care Treatment

Grass starts to grow vigorously and requires the correct amount and mix of nutrients to take advantage of these growing conditions for its continued development.  Weak grass will allow weeds and moss to take hold.  Healthy grass will limit their development.  Our spring lawn care treatments combines an application of  a specialised fertiliser and a broad spectrum herbicide, which helps to control common weeds, such as clover, daisies, dandelions, etc.

T2 – Early Summer Lawn Care Treatment

The grass needs encouragement to continue to grow thick and healthily.  A balance of increased potassium and phosphorous combined with a nitrogen feed will afford the grass enough nourishment for the next 8-12 weeks.  We apply a further broad spectrum systemic herbicide to control some of the more difficult weeds as well as the more common types. 

T3 - Autumn Lawn Care Treatment

We will always check your lawn for disease, but this time of your is when conditions are usually perfect for diseases to attack your lawn. An application of moss control is key, together with a further application of herbicide and a fertiliser to encourage grass root development.

T4 – Winter Lawn Care Treatment

At this time of year one of the most important feed applications should be made, providing the lawn with the right amount of nutrients, combined with a heavy dose of moss control. It is important that moss is not allowed to develop in your lawn as this will inhibit the growth of grass.

Cornwall Lawncare will survey your lawn and prepare a no contract, lawn treatment programme.  We recommend the basic 4 season treatment plan to ensure the control of weeds and moss and encourage healthy grass growth, above ground and below.

We will also discuss any additional work which you, as a customer, may require occasionally.  Such as lawn scarifying, lawn aeration, spiking, top dressing, seeding and additional disease control.

Weed Control Service

Do you have weeds and vegetation growing on paths, drives, patios, decking, along fence lines and against walls?

We are not only qualified to control lawn weeds but also able to control the weeds and vegetation around your home and garden, safely and effectively. We are able to apply weed treatments at the correct application rates without risk to people and the environment.

Beware of those who do not hold the relevant license.